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Like almost all medications, drugs against erectile dysfunction (ED) have side effects. In this article we will consider side effects of the most well-known drugs against erectile dysfunction (ED): Viagra, Cialis, Levitra.

Let's start with the most famous drug against ED that you can buy Viagra. The active ingredient of Viagra is sildenafil citrate. Sildenafil citrate may cause the following side effects:

- redness of the face, flushing (11% of cases);

- headache (10.8% of cases);

- vertigo (2.9% of cases);

- smell disorders, nasal congestion (5.5% of cases);

- digestive system disorders (3% of cases);

- increased heart rate (1%);

- decrease in blood pressure; color perception disorders; nosebleeds.


Side effects of anti-impotence

It is also possible occurrence of prolonged painful erection - priapism. If painful erections last more than 4 hours, you should immediately consult a doctor.

People having problems with the cardiovascular system, as well as those patients for whom sexual activity is contraindicated should not take Viagra. Before taking this drug, consult your doctor to find out whether you have contraindication to intake of sildenafil. And if not, then, of course, you can safely take the drug at the recommended doses.

Company-producer of Viagra affirms that sildenafil does not have any negative impact on reproductive function. Studies conducted on mice showed that probability of conception in mice was reduced in connection with intake of sildenafil at 30%. However, there is no information about the similar effect of sildenafil on the human organism. On the whole, side effects of Viagra are transient and expressed moderately.

The following drug against erectile dysfunction men love to buy Cialis. The active ingredient of Cialis is tadalafil. The most common side effects of Cialis are:


- headache (11% of cases);

- dyspepsia (7% of cases);

- myalgia, nasal congestion, back pain, vertigo, flushing (less common).

More rare side effects of Cialis are: eyelid edema, conjunctival hyperemia, eye pain. There are very rare side effects of tadalafil which include: blurred vision, erection delay, priapism, retinal vein occlusion, migraine headache, nosebleed and others.

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Patients with cardiovascular risk factors must not take tadalafil like sildenafil as well.

Buy Levitra is considered to be a well tolerated by patients drug against ED. The active ingredient of Levitra is vardenafil. Vardenafil may cause the following side effects:

- headache;

- vertigo;

- rhinitis;

- nausea;

- dyspepsia (all of these above-listed side effects occur, on average, 1-10% of cases).

The rare side effects of vardenafil include: facial swelling, myalgia, increased creatine kinase level, photoallergy, nose bleeding, anaphylactic reactions, hypertension, hypotension, muscle tone increase, lower back pain, watery eyes, glaucoma, myocardial ischemia, change in “liver” functional tests, drowsiness, syncope, stenocardia, dyspnea, increased GGT, postural hypotension, visual impairment.

Tadalafil also can not be used by patients with cardiovascular risks, and, of course, with other contraindications to intake.

The only one drug, that can be taken by ladies Lovegra is also called Viagra for women. Lovegra helps to get more satisfaction from sex. Viagra for women also contains Sildenafil. 

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